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Knight-Webb Solicitors is a specialist employment law practice providing a first-rate, cost-effective and personal service to clients. We are based in Dulwich in south-east London but are able to arrange appointments in central London.


Our ethos is simple: business overheads are deliberately kept low and cost savings passed directly to clients in the form of lower fees with no compromise on quality of service.


The Principal solicitor at the firm is Sunita Knight-Webb. Prior to setting up Knight-Webb Solicitors, she practised for several years at a City law firm. She has extensive experience of advising businesses and employees on a wide range of employment law issues.

Sunita Knight-Webb is a member of the Employment Lawyers’ Association and has a degree in law from Cambridge University.

To contact us, please call 0207 2076195. Our office is at 47 Beckwith Road, Dulwich, London SE24 9LQ.

This firm is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (see www.sra.org.uk/code-of-conduct.page). SRA no. 421748.

What Do You Need From Your Employment Law Solicitor in Dulwich?

Redundancy Law Solicitor, Dulwich

Redundancy may happen because a workplace is closing down, or because fewer employees are (or are expected to be) needed for work of a particular kind. As from 1 February 2013, for the purposes of calculating statutory redundancy pay, the limit on a week’s pay has increased to £450.

Click here if you need advice on redundancy.

settlement or Compromise Agreement Advice, Dulwich

A Settlement or Compromise Agreement is an agreement in which an employee agrees to compromise his or her legal claims against the employer on agreed financial and other terms. It is basically a document that records an employee’s agreement not to pursue a claim such as unfair dismissal, redundancy, or breach of employment contract. Negotiating a Settlement Agreement can be a complicated process and Knight-Webb Solicitors have many years of experience in this field.

Do you need employee compromise agreement advice? We can help.

Do you need employer compromise agreement advice? We can help.

Employment Tribunal Solicitor, Dulwich

We are experienced in handling employment tribunal claims, including complex, high-value discrimination claims, both for employers and employees. We are members of the Employment Lawyers’ Association.

Are you attending an employment tribunal hearing? We can help.

Unfair Dismissal Advice Solicitor, Dulwich

We are experts in Unfair Dismissal and Wrongful Dismissal claims. We have successfully handled many claims in the employment tribunal on behalf of both employers and employees.

See how we can help you if you’ve been unfairly dismissed.

Employment Contract Solicitor, Dulwich

Every employer is required to give each employee a written statement of particulars of certain terms of their contract of employment no later than two months after the beginning of their employment.

See how we can help with an employment contract.

Discrimination at Work Solicitor, Dulwich

We have particular expertise in handling complex discrimination claims. Workplace discrimination is unlawful if the reason for the treatment is age, disability, race, religion or belief, maternity or pregnancy, sex or sexual orientation.

Facing an employment discrimination claim or subject to discrimination? We can help.


There are lots of common scenarios that you may find yourself in. Read our Q&A section, which answers questions like:

  • I’m being unfairly dismissed, what can I do?
  • Can I ask to work part-time?
  • I am being bullied at work, what can I do?

For more common questions and answers, please see our Q&A section.

Employment Law Solicitor, Dulwich

We operate throughout London, providing employment law advice to both employees and employers. Please contact us on 0207 207 6195 or email sunita@knightwebb.com to discuss your requirements in detail.