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Knight-Webb Solicitors are Dulwich solicitors, Herne Hill and Brixton Solicitors. We are specialist Employment law solicitors with a large client base in Dulwich and south-east London. For many years, our office was  based in Dulwich, South-East London, but we have since moved around the corner to Brixton. We provide a cost effective and personal service to clients. Our ethos is to keep business overheads low so cost savings are passed directly to clients in the form of lower fees with no compromise on quality of service.

Knight-Webb Solicitors are experienced in handling Employment Tribunal Claims, including complex Employment Discrimination at Work, both for employers and employees. We are also members of the Employment Lawyers’ Association and so have a very detailed knowledge and experience of this area.

Here at Knight-Webb our main areas of focus are on:

Redundancy Law, we can provide extensive advise on forced redundancies and how to handle them properly and legally.

We can provide extensive assistance with Compromise Agreements, if you are parting services with a employee and you feel that such a document is warranted and need help compiling one.

Employment Tribunal, we are highly experience in this area with handling tribunal claims for both employers and employees.

Unfair Dismissal Law, we have handled many high profile cases in this area for both employers and employees and so whatever the situation we can assist in this area.

We have highly specialised experience with Contracts of Employment, aiding in compiling them ensuing the wording is correct and in place as it should be.

Discrimination at Work, this is also an area that we have particular expertise in handling some very complex claims and situations.


Knight-Webb solicitors were for many years Dulwich-based solicitors and are now based in Brixton. Our ethos is simple: business overheads are deliberately kept low and cost savings passed directly to clients in the form of lower fees with no compromise on quality of service.

Quality Service

The Principal solicitor at the firm is Sunita Knight-Webb. Prior to setting up Knight-Webb Solicitors, she practised for several years at a City law firm. She has extensive experience of advising businesses and employees on a wide range of employment law issues.

Sunita Knight-Webb is a member of the Employment Lawyers’ Association and has a degree in law from Cambridge University.

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